Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Master Bedroom

Paint:  BM Sidewalk Gray

Thanks to my wonderful grandparents, we have a new King size mattress!  And of course we had to get some new bedding that would fit the bigger mattress.  Oh this new bed is pure heaven!  Once you go king sized, you never go back.

Now we need a headboard to go with the new bed.  I think I want an upholstered one, but I'm open to other ideas too (maybe metal?).  And then we'll need some nightstands to go better with the new headboard, (I'm thinking either a silver/mirrored finish or black) and eventually work towards a new dresser and chest of drawers.  Our current Mission-style furniture just doesn't go with the feel I'm going for in here, that and it sticks out too much.

We also need some art above the bed, but of course I'll have to figure out the headboard first.  I want to enlarge a picture from our honeymoon and have it printed in black and white.  And then we need a few more pictures and accessories to complete the room.

We've gotten a lot done in the 3 months we've been here in the new house...

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