Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slowly but Surely

A little more progress on the house this week… 

There will be times when it will seem like nothing has been happening at the house forever…  We’re always waiting on something.  Either the concrete, or the trusses, or the drywall, or the plumbing, or the wiring, or the etcetera.  Like this week, we’ve been waiting on concrete and trusses, but it rained for 5 days in a row, so obviously nothing could get done.  And then we have to pump the water out every day.  Oof I wish it would stop raining on my house!

But the trusses arrived today, and tomorrow we will have a roof!  Yea!  And a bonus room!  Double yea!

You can kinda see the garage in this picture.  (Look at the dirt pile on the left and see the window next to it.  That’s in the garage.)


So wait for the update when we get a roof!  That’s all for now!

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